Driven collaborative partnerships

and learning opportunities

Our tailor made initiatives

Our services are centred on creating meaningful partnerships and practical initiatives that work for women and for business. We tailor our services based on unique needs, expertise, and context.

Gender Lens Tools

Win-Win Strategies designs and supports our partners to implement tools across a variety of geographies and workplaces. We offer guidance to both women’s rights organisations as well as corporates motivated by taking a women-centred approach to their work and/or due diligence efforts.

Fostering Cross Sector Partnerships

We foster partnerships between corporates and women’s rights organisations to collectively address the systemic barriers hindering women from accessing full economic resilience.

Programme Design & Implementation

We leverage the expertise of our funders, partners and programme stakeholders and meet them with innovative approaches to deliver work that speaks to our collective mission. By putting beneficiaries’ experiences at the heart of the design process, we ensure that our programmes meet their specific needs through hyper-local solutions.