The importance of

Women’s Economic Resilience

Women account for 70% of the workers in global supply chains yet they experience high levels of discrimination and violence based on their gender. Women’s Economic Resilience in global value chains means specific health, education and security improvements in women worker’s own status creating larger benefits for the society and economy as a whole. Win-Win Strategies uses women’s economic resilience in place of empowerment because resilience goes further than equipping women with a decent living. Resilience demonstrates the need for robust systems and processes that are sustainable enough to weather any future obstacles. Resilience also includes the importance of economic justice, rights and empowerment in the work that we do.

The Approach

Win-Win Strategies uses the Eight Building Blocks for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Resilience as a foundation for our work. Our partners, both corporate and women’s rights focused, address and mitigate these underlying structural barriers that women face in their economic efforts.

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