How to achieve

Women’s Economic Resilience

Win-Win Strategies contributes to Women Win’s vision that all women will be able to exercise their rights and achieve their full economic potential, by catalysing transformative cross-sectoral approaches. 

We do so through three distinct strategies:

  • Fostering partnerships between women’s organisations and businesses
  • Making the case for investment in women’s economic resilience through the building block approach
  • Catalysing solutions that lead to systemic change for women working in international value chains

Each strategy is made up of various approaches to support our long-term goal of women’s economic resilience. 

Fostering partnerships

To foster cross-sector partnerships between businesses and women’s organisations we actively engage businesses in addressing existing gender inequalities and offer support for improving women’s economic resilience in the company and the international value chain. Next to this, we accompany women rights organisations and women’s funds in their private sector partnership journey. We develop tools and resources to facilitate cross-sectoral engagement and interaction.

Business case for Women’s Economic Resilience

We actively make the case for using the building block approach towards women’s economic resilience in international value chains. We do this through research and developing thought leadership pieces. We actively engage with the private sector to make the business case for investing in women’s economic resilience and develop tools and resources for stakeholders across sectors to educate and activate change.

Solutions for systemic change

We catalyse solutions that lead to systemic change for women. We deliver play-based workshops and training modules to change attitudes and action of frontrunners in the private sector. We actively test innovative approaches to WER – responding to constantly changing context. Accordingly, we support women’s organisations who work with women directly to put these innovative approaches into practice.