Cross-sector approach

We foster partnerships between corporates and women’s rights organisations to collectively address the systemic barriers hindering women from accessing full economic resilience. We recognise that women’s rights organisations and funds can offer hyper-local solutions and a rights-based approach, while corporate partners bring an immense influence to help move the needle.

Corporate partnerships

Our work with companies is to:

  • Frame the value and power of women’s funds and women’s rights organizations to create and execute effective strategies for change.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the shared interests that companies have in supporting feminist movement building to create lasting sustainable change.

Women’s Rights Organisation partnerships

Our work with women’s rights organisations is to

  • Help them explore the potential benefits of working with corporate champions to advance the women’s rights agenda.
  • Ensure they are confident and well-prepared to engage in corporate strategy to engage effectively in cross-sector spaces.

How do we foster these partnerships?

Some practical examples include:

  • Launch of the online self-paced Corporate Engagement course for women’s rights organisations.
  • Establishing Knowledge Partnerships that bring together corporate champions and women’s rights organisations to share knowledge, experiences and insights in how to advance women’s economic resilience.
  • Brokering cross-sector partnerships between companies and women’s rights organisations to co-design and implement projects that benefit both women workers and business.