Teaming with

the local experts

One vision, one team! Together with S4D programmes from around the world, GRLS uses sport as a tool to create positive impacts. Each programme is unique in their approach to achieve gender equity for young girls. They creatively design and tailor their programme by using a diverse range of tools and methodologies. Please read below some of our partnering programmes.


GRLS has partnered with Futuremakers by Standard Chartered bank to help deliver and advance the Goal education programme. The Goal programme uses sport, play and life-skills education to help tackle inequity and promote economic inclusion among girls ages 12-18 who live in underserved communities. The Goal participants learn the skills they need to grow into the economic leaders they wish to become for themselves and their communities. Since its kick-start in 2006, Goal is now active in more than 24 countries around the world, and has reached more than 480,000 girls and young women.

ROLL Models

GRLS closely collaborated with Skateistan to create the ROLL Models project. ROLL Models kick-started on World Mental Health Day in 2019, and currently spans across Germany, the Netherlands, and Greece. The programme aims to increase the active participation of girls and young women in the social skate sector. Over the course of three years, 72 young female coaches will participate in leadership trainings and knowledge sharing opportunities hosted by GRLS. This programme is intended to equip the 72 participants with the necessary tools and resources to help develop and support social skateboarding projects for over 900 girls.

Secure Futures

It is through our vision of a world where every girl and young woman has a secure future that the programme Secure Futures was born. The overall objective of the programme is to increase the social support, life skills, and livelihood opportunities for pregnant adolescent girls (PAG) and young mothers (YM) living in the urban slums of Nairobi, Kenya through sport. Beginning in 2019, GRLS co-designed a Sports for Development (S4D) curriculum with local Kenyan female coaches to help train and support the coaches on how to deliver the programme material to over 750 PAG/YM. Thank you to Comic Relief for your generous support because without you this project would not have been made possible.

US State International Exchanges

Beginning in 2004, GRLS has been in close collaboration with the Sports Diplomacy Division of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs within the US Department of State. It is through this programme that convene various gender and feminist-focused Sport for Youth Development (S4YD) grassroots organisations from around the world. By creating a space where like-minded S4YD organisations can share and discuss their visions and goals, inspiring and insightful mechanisms of change are created.

Made To Play

Beginning in January 2019, GRLS, Nike, and Gurls Talk willed a collaboration to fruition and created the Made To Play (MTP) Fund. One of the programme’s main objectives is to actively encourage and engage young girls in sports. Twenty female coaches (ages 16 – 25 years) from around the world were selected to receive a product donation from Nike and a spot to participate in the ‘Leadership and Sports Design for Girls’ programme facilitated by GRLS. Nike’s Made To Play aims to equip the participants with the necessary pedagogical tools to effectively design and deliver sports programming for young girls. This project will conclude in April 2020.

One Win Leads to Another

GRLS partnered with UN Women, IOC, and Empodera to create One Win Leads to Another, a legacy programme stemming from the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, Brazil. One Win leverage’s sport as a tool to help reduce gender inequalities and build and maintain self-confidence among adolescent girls. Twice a week, participants attend both a sports training and a gender workshop in one of the 16 participating Olympic Villas in Rio de Janeiro.

La League

La League is premised on the belief that soccer can positively impact the lives of young girls. An initiative of Plan Netherlands, in collaboration with the Johan Cruyff Foundation and GRLS, we developed a mechanism of change through which it aims to empower adolescent girls to help prevent teenage pregnancies and delay marriage. Since 2019, we have been working in the Netherlands, Nicaragua and Brazil.