Building bridges to advance girls’ & women’s

economic resilience*

through impactful partnerships & holistic approaches

Our work actively supports the economic empowerment, rights and justice of all cis, trans, non-binary and other underrepresented groups and communities such as people of colour, LGBTQIA+, refugees, and marginalised workers with or without disabilities.

Win-Win Strategies works to foster collaborations between women’s fund/rights organisations and companies so they can jointly work to advance women’s economic resilience. This is how we do it:

  • Working with women’s funds and organisations on how to build effective and long-lasting cross-sector partnerships, in particular with the private sector.
  • Improving the knowledge of corporations on the importance of a holistic, rights-based approach to women’s economic resilience programmes and how partnering with women’s funds and rights organisations provides a pathway to institutionalise a sustainable and locally relevant programmes for women

Women face multiple

structural barriers

  • Access to equitable & safe employment
  • Education & Training
  • Access to & control over resources
  • Voice in society & policy influence
  • Freedom from the risk of violence
  • Freedom of movement
  • Access to & control over reproductive health & family formation
  • Addressing unpaid care work

Our areas of expertise

Our services are centred on creating meaningful partnerships and practical initiatives that work for women and for business. We tailor our services based on unique needs, expertise, and context.

We strive for supporting girls and women to achieve Economic Resilience. Beyond economic empowerment, we define economic resilience as also anchored in principles of economic rights and justice which creates a more sustainable context for change. We apply a ‘building block’ lens that forms a framework for addressing the multiple structural barriers women face every day, and each being a vital piece to advancing women’s economic resilience.

Gender Lens Tools

Economic resilience means ensuring that women and girls have the power to make economic decisions equally with their male peers, enjoying the same economic resources, including access to education, jobs, information, credit, assets and opportunities at all levels.

Fostering Cross Sector Partnerships

Building Bridges for Women’s Economic Resilience is a five-year programme implemented by Win-Win Strategies with the support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands. The programme includes activities in The Netherlands and in Kenya and aims to advance women’s economic rights and resilience in the floriculture and other supply chains.

Programme Design & Implementation

As the importance of the corporate sector in East Africa increases, a vital moment is presented to positively influence companies to play a key role on tackling female poverty through a building block approach to women’s economic empowerment and resilience.



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