The adidas Breaking Barriers Project is a commitment to breaking down barriers for women and girls across Europe, to help make sport equal through providing greater access, equity, and safety within their local communities.

Breaking Barriers believes that gender inclusion goes beyond the number of girls, women and non-binary people participating in sports programmes. Inclusion is about re-thinking sport, how it’s organised and delivered, and how it can be done in a way that creates safe and welcoming spaces for all.


Together with Common Goal and Soccer Without Borders, Women Win has developed an intensive programme on gender mainstreaming, gender equality and inclusivity.

This programme supports selected grassroots sports organisations’ journey to gender equity with capacity building, and provides leadership training to young women leaders – our Breaking Barriers Champions – so they can positively impact the lives of women and girls in their communities. Throughout this journey, the Implementing Partners design and implement a Gender Action Plan (GAP) for their organisation over the span of two years. Once the GAP and its implementation are completed the Implementing Partners, as members of the Breaking Barriers community, continue receiving support to advance in gender inclusion and equity, as well as contribute to the Community with their knowledge and expertise.

The adidas Breaking Barriers Project also extends beyond the programmatic work, with the creation of an open-source toolkit on advancing equity and inclusion in and through sport – the adidas Breaking Barriers Academy – , and relevant research papers. Find this content on the Learning Playground.


In sports, women and girls face systemic barriers. Day. After. Day. From lack of access and representation to cultural stigma and self-doubt, women and girls are too often left on the sidelines. We are here to change that.

The adidas Breaking Barriers Project is a project to break down barriers for women and girls across Europe by working directly with non-profit sports organizations, empowering local leaders and coaches, and providing the sports industry with the necessary tools to drive change. to bring.

We all know that girls who play sports are better able to reach their full potential — so let’s break down barriers.