Together we

create change

There are many barriers facing research, data collection, and monitoring of impact which ultimately inhibit the progress on advancing girls’ rights. GRLS uses a collective impact framework to address these challenges and tackle deeply ingrained and complex social problems. The framework is based on the premise that no single policy, government department, organisation or programme can solve society’s social problems. We need to develop partnerships with a shared interest in creating and measuring change.

With partners across the world, we have impacted the lives of 4 million girls and young women in over 100 countries, established a common agenda, shared indicators, mutually reinforcing activities and have become a pivotal organization for this effort. Based on data collected by our partners, we know that after participating in sport and life skills programmes, adolescent girls and young women reported the following:

  • 70% Participate in other sports activities vs. 41% before
  • 75% know how to prevent HIV vs. 32% before
  • 87% know a place to report violence vs. 55% before
  • 63% strongly agree that “Women should be able to earn their own money” vs. 33% before
  • 57% strongly agree that “I have skills and talents that I am proud of” vs. 28% before

The knock on effect

In addition to measuring change on the girl level, GRLS also assesses the impact of our direct activities on organisations and the sector at large. We know that because of our funding, services, tools and thought leadership, organisations report:

  • Improved capacity to design sport programmes for girls
  • Increased number of organisations investing in sport to address girls’ rights
  • Improved ability to measure impact of their programmes
  • Improved safety (policy and practice) in sport programmes