owning themselves,

owning the future

Adolescence is a transformative time for girls around the world both physically and mentally. However, unfortunately this moment in a girl’s life is too often plagued with gender discrimination, pressure to conform to negative social norms, and gender based violence and harassment. We are supporting them to help make sure that the change that they face is not debilitating but one of power and ownership.

A girl’s power

knows no limits

Adolescent girls and young women face many barriers to education, financial independence, sexual and reproductive rights, and the recognition of unpaid labour and care work. Interventions, especially during the adolescent years, can equip girls and young women to navigate through the complexities of their life and claim their rights.

Research shows that giving girls and young women more opportunities to make informed decisions gives rise to change over time that goes far beyond the individual. Empowered girls and young women can command their own future and impact the lives of others in the social and cultural context they live in.