We’re currently seeking applications from young womxn (ages 18-30) who have an idea for a project that will use skateboarding to improve the physical and mental well-being of girls (ages 5-18) and promote gender equity. The ROLL Models programme is a unique opportunity for womxn with a passion for skateboarding to connect with and support each other.

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About ROLL Models

GRLS is closely collaborating with Skateistan to create the ROLL Models project since 2019. ROLL Models kick-started on World Mental Health Day in 2019, and currently spans across Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, The Netherlands and The UK. The programme aims to increase the active participation of girls and young women in the social skate sector. Over the course of three years, 72 young female coaches will participate in leadership trainings and knowledge sharing opportunities hosted by GRLS. This programme is intended to equip the 72 participants with the necessary tools and resources to help develop and support social skateboarding projects for over 900 girls.