Our Commitment to

gender equity and
sustainable change

GRLS is committed to directly and indirectly contributing to improvements for adolescent girls globally, including those who are most marginalised. Our TOC encompasses the totality of GRLS’ work, reflecting the strong commitment to the hypothesis that girls’ rights can be advanced through sport and, in turn, that will improve gender equity for sustainable change.

The TOC guides our development of evidence-based strategies, informs project monitoring and management, and provides a framework for evaluation and impact assessment.

GRLS advances girls’ rights through sport using

three strategies, the
“pillars” of the theory
of change:

  • Ignite the Game– GRLS’ thought leadership advances the sector to greater heights
  • Strengthen the Team* – GRLS supports quality programming
  • Mobilise the Fans– GRLS grows the movement

*‘The Team’ refers to both GRLS’ direct partners and those other organisations—which are international and national—that they assist but do not provide with financial support.

Long Term Outcomes + Lasting Impact

GRLS anticipates the combined effect of these pillars will lead to four
long-term outcomes.

  • Community-based champions enable girls’ rights through sport
  • Increased quality and scale of girls’ rights though sport programmes
  • Improved capacities, policies, and practices of implementing organisations
  • More cross-sectoral support and investment for girls’ rights through sport programmes

These Longer-Term Outcomes contribute to girl-level Impact. We anticipate that scaled-up, cost-effective, quality programming that reaches more girls, alongside stronger leadership at both community and sectoral level, will result in girl-level Impact. Changes at this level ultimately will be sustained by changes in families, communities, and societies.

Download GRLS Theory of Change  to see the detailed version.