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Meet our staff


Paula Brečak

Influence Coordinator

Dr. Payoshni Mitra

Trustee, UK | Director and Trustee at Center for Sport & Human Rights

Yassine Chagh

Intern, ONSIDE

Carolina Resigotti

Intern, Learn

Alison O’Keeffe

Operations Manager

Filippos Sotiropoulos

Finance Coordinator

Kamellia Angelova

Finance Manager

Katrina Arora

Programmes Coordinator, WWS

Michelle Barquet

Programmes Manager, GRLS

Suhani Bhushan

Senior Programmes Manager, Strategic Projects

Maria Bobenrieth

Executive Director

Alexandra Bozuwa

Programmes Coordinator, GRLS

Michael Brewe

Chief Operating Officer

Emilia Cebrián

Snr. Programmes Coordinator, GRLS

Mariana Chávez Sánchez

Influence Manager

Chisomo Chikuni

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Coordinator, GRLS

Imane El Maanni

Senior Finance Coordinator

Yvonne Henry

Director, Brands

Marije Holman

Senior Manager, GRLS

Naledi Kekana

Snr. Programmes and Comms Specialist, WWS

Clementine Klijberg

Director, Win-Win Strategies

Kitty Macklin

Snr. Learn Coordinator, GRLS

Elizabeth Maina

Programmes Specialist, Ignita

Nicole Matuska

Director, GRLS

Shannon McDonald

Senior People and Culture Coordinator

Virginia Munyua

Manager, GRLS

Joan Nyaki

Programmes Coordinator, WWS

Elitsa Popova

Manager, Finance

Libbie Randolph

Snr. Programmes Coordinator, GRLS

Catalina Robu

Director, Finance Programmes

Gloria Rosales Peña

Programmes Manager, Ignita

Uditi Saha

Snr. Programmes Specialist, GRLS

Manue Schach

Snr. Programmes Coordinator, GRLS

Kimberly Schoenmaker

Programmes Manager, WWS

Catherine Schulter

Senior Programmes and MERL Specialist, GRLS

Marielle Schweickart

Director, Learn

Socheata Seng

Programmes Coordinator, GRLS

Meg Smith

Deputy Executive Director

Hannah Strauss

Learn Digital Coordinator

Shari Swanson-Hicks

Finance Manager, US

Nada Van Schouwenburg

Programmes Manager, WWS

Mia Weinland

Senior Programmes Coordinator, GRLS

Kathy Ziegler

Operations Coordinator

Astrid Aafjes

Chair: UK, US, NL. Founder of Women Win

Sara K. Andrews

Secretary: Senior International Pro Bono Counsel and Co-Director of New Perimeter

Payal Dalal

Trustee for Global Impact NL Board

Nnamdi Nwosuagwu

Treasurer NL | Executive Director, Europe & Americas CEO’s Office

Vera Pauw

Trustee: NL, Former successful professional football player and coach

Dimple Sahni

NL Board Member. Managing Director Multi Asset Impact Investing at Anthos Fund & Asset Management

Patrice Thramer

US Board Member. Global Director of Community Impact, Nike

Marissa Wesely

US Board Member. Co-Founder of Win-Win Strategies