Kathy Ziegler

Kathy joined the Women Win team in March of 2022, offering organizational
support to all staff, but especially the finance team. She is using her finely
tuned skill of wearing many hats to rebuild an atmosphere at the Amsterdam
office as her coworkers return to “in person” work.

Kathy has a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Studies
from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and studied luthiery (guitar building) at
Timeless Instruments in Tugaske, Saskatchewan. She has spent 30 years as
a professional touring and recording artist and has released multiple albums
of her own material. She discovered a way to combine her creative talents
and interest in social work leading programmes for children, the elderly, and has written several songwriting courses for incarcerated Americans.

Kathy lives with her two children in Haarlem and loves to swim in the sea,
cycle through the dunes, or take walks in the forest.