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Women Win manages a range of collaborative funds, funders’ grants and programmes. Our team comprehensively oversees the operation to ensure quality and effectiveness. With an experience of more than 10 years in funding and programme management, Women Win can oversee the different elements of grant management and project implementation, including, but not limited to:

  • Management of pooled fund and other collective mechanisms
  • Design, development, implementation and management of shared governance structures
  • Due diligence process
  • Grant making processes, including participatory grant-making mechanisms
  • Ongoing grantee engagement and support
  • Learning, monitoring and evaluation
  • Financial management and reporting


We receive investment from a wide variety of partners and re-grant these funds to a diverse portfolio of like-minded local implementing partners around the world who share our vision for girls’ and women’s rights. We prioritise investing in girl and women-led organisations and strive to support re-grantees with long term flexible funding. Through participatory grant-making processes we aim to develop leadership, shift power and transfer decision-making into the hands of girls and women from the communities we serve.



Women Win is the fiscal sponsor of a variety of projects and selected organisations aligned with our vision and missions. We offer the perfect structure for project incubation to a wide range of gender equity initiatives, extending legal and tax-exempt status so emerging organisations and activists can receive funds and operate under our exempt status during their start-up phase.

Women Win also partners with funders to financially support a programme or organisation that enables them to focus on their mission whilst our team conducts the due diligence, financial, and operational framework.

With offices in the United States, the Netherlands and in the United Kingdom, and with more than 10 years of experience transferring grants for the most remote parts of the world, Women Win has been a fiscal sponsorship partner of choice for many funders of girls’ and women’s rights.


Women Win convenes and fosters multi-stakeholder partnerships and cross-sector collaborations. We achieve this through the design of innovative and robust partnering processes, including via:

  • Catalysing unlikely alliances
  • Strengthening individual partnering skills and organisational capacity
  • Establishing partnering standards
  • Creating tangible tools to support transformative partnerships
  • Conducting partnership health checks


We use girl- and women-centred design approaches to create customised products, innovative tools, user-friendly resources, engaging games and impactful programmes. We co-create with our partners and support others to implement similar approaches such as:

  • Participatory design processes
  • Programme co-creation
  • Design and development of curricula, toolkits, games, etc.


We enhance the skills and expertise of individuals, groups, organisations and networks to develop knowledge, skills and structures to operate successfully and achieve gender equity goals. Over time we have developed a range of customisable face-to-face and virtual offerings:

  • Workshops, camps and trainings
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Online courses


Women Win provides bespoke and impact-driven advisory services to a range of different actors. We run diagnostics to detect key areas of development and identify what support is needed to build approaches for gender equity through our innovative online and offline tools and methodologies.