Nada Van Schouwenburg

Nada joined Women Win at the start of 2021. As a programmes manager for Win-Win Strategies, she oversees the programmatic implementation of the portfolio aiming to strengthen women’s economic resilience and empowerment in international supply chains. In her role she also works closely with the private sector, advocating for and supporting increased gender justice.

Over the past years, Nada has been working both in the private as well as in non-profit sectors on making international supply chains more sustainable and fair. She worked on a diverse range of projects regarding the improvement of working conditions and more fair trading practices. In particular, she put much energy towards the issue of living wages and also coordinated the Living Wage Lab, an initiative bringing together companies and NGOs to increase wages throughout the supply chain. Equality and fair international trade are topics she feels very passionate about. Ensuring that every girl and woman across the globe is empowered to exercise their rights is therefore both a personal and professional goal.

Although Nada considers herself a true ‘Rotterdammer’, she is quite internationally oriented and lived in both London and Singapore in the past. In her free time, she enjoys horse riding, spending time outdoors, travelling to new places and playing games with friends.