Women Win currently invests in many organisations around the world. It is through the work of our implementing partners, with supporters and alliances, that we are able to collect promising practices, test tools and measure impact.

We have three types of partners:

Programme PartnersSupportersAlliances


Our Strategy

Through intra and cross-sector partnerships, we tackle global gender inequity by investing in localised, grassroots solutions. The complexity and scale of gender inequity means that no one can effectively tackle it alone; partnerships and strategic alliances are essential to achieving Women Win's mission. In our partnerships that span continents and sectors, we put an uncompromising emphasis on three principles:

Mutual Benefit

We seek to build close working relationships with grassroots programme staff to really understand what they are doing, how they are doing it and what the impact is. This enables us to document and develop guidelines and methodologies with them as the source. Ultimately, we believe that by showcasing these strong leaders, and open-sourcing guidelines and methodologies, we can influence others to invest in the sport-for-women's-rights strategies, which is key to our work.

Selecting Partners

Women Win selects partners based on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Mission alignment: using sport to address girls’ rights
  • Track record in gender, and specifically working with adolescent girls and young women (ages 10-22)
  • Track record in delivering sport for development programmes
  • Innovation in model or activities
  • Impact on the individual and community level
  • Sustainability
  • Scale
  • Ability to influence
  • Fit for funding (region, topic, demographic) available

Note: Women Win does not accept unsolicited partner proposals and granting requests.