My Life India

A prime example of how we collaboratively design and implement programmes is our work supporting women workers’ in India’s garment supply chain. The Primark ‘My Life’ programme aims to empower garment workers with life skills that benefit them in the workplace and at home.

When designing this programme in 2017, we worked closely with Primark’s Global and India Ethical Teams, our women’s rights organisation partner, Maitrayana, and Swasti. Each brought best practices, expert knowledge and networks to inform the right approach for the My Life programme.

Learn and build


Our Drawing the Line programme ensured that workers’ voices and experiences dictated the programme’s themes, while Maitrayana’s expertise on women’s rights in India contributed to the development of the curriculum. Swasti brought experience organising programme facilitators and techniques from other sector initiatives, and Primark naturally brought the overall vision and connection with their factory partners.

The My Life programme has since expanded to Myanmar where it was once again adapted with a critical lens to ensure it meets the needs of Burmese workers in their specific context.

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