Equileap report 2021: How are Dutch companies doing on Gender Equality?

Equileap, a leading organisation providing data and insights on gender quality in the corporate sector and supply chains, has launched the 2021 Dutch report commissioned by Win-Win Strategies and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Equileap has extensively assessed and ranked 100 Dutch-based companies on their gender equality performance. The findings of this assessment and ranking of top 25 companies in the Netherlands can be found in this report.  There are approximately 190 million women working in global supply chains and they experience excessive hours, low and unequal wages and sexual harassment. The report highlights the need for a specific focus on gender equity in global supply chains to address these issues. There have been improvements since last year’s report such as two thirds of companies transparently communicating on their tackling of urgent social issues in their supply chain. Yet, the “minority of companies (21%) have an equal pay for equal work or gender non-discrimination in pay clause in their supplier standards.” Do you want to find out more on how these top scoring companies address these issues of gender inequality and how can you learn from their best practices?


Join us for the official online launch event of the 2nd annual Equileap ranking of Dutch companies. Learn more about improving gender equality in your workplace as well as in the international value chain. Get inspired by industry frontrunners and meet the research team who will present detailed insights and answer your questions.


Register for the launch event here and read the full report here