Gender Equality in The Netherlands: A FOCUS ON SUPPLY CHAINS

Equileap was commissioned by Women Win, through their women’s economic resilience programme Win-Win Strategies, to conduct an assessment of the top 100 publicly listed companies in The Netherlands, ranking them based on a variety of gender equality indicators. The information below highlights the key findings related to companies’ efforts in ensuring gender equality throughout the supply chain. This research is part of the “Building Bridges for Women’s Economic Empowerment” programme, funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The data found is a solid starting point for action in these unprecedented times. It opens an opportunity for companies to imagine and take concrete steps towards a great correction in addressing gender inequality within The Netherlands’ business sector and throughout supply chains.

About Equileap & Win-Win Strategies


Equileap is the leading organisation providing data and insights on gender equality in the corporate sector. They research and rank companies around the world using a unique and comprehensive Gender Equality Scorecard across 19 criteria, including the gender balance of the workforce, senior management and board of directors, as well as the pay gap, parental leave and sexual harassment.

Win-Win Strategies

Win-Win Strategies believes in the power of business to drive women’s economic empowerment. Within the Building Bridges for Women’s Economic Empowerment (BBWEE) program, we aim to build the business case for gender equality in the workplace and throughout supply chains. We support Equileap’s efforts to deliver quality data in the hopes that advances are seen over the coming years.

Read the full report here.