Play31, founded in 2008 in New York, draws its name from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, in which article 31 stipulates that all children have the right to play. Play31 uses the unifying passion for football to bring together people and communities who have been torn apart by armed conflict. By facilitating community tournaments and workshops focused on human rights and conflict resolution, Play 31 contributes to the creation of peaceful societies where children can fulfil their right to play.

Play31 has recently initiated Girls Peace Clubs in local communities in Sierra Leone. Adolescent girls come together in these clubs to discuss issues around health and hygiene, communication, conflict resolution, women's rights and financial literacy. Using the Goal curriculum, facilitators create safe spaces and opportunities for the girls to discuss issues that affect them as well as to play sports and participate in community football tournaments.

In Sierra Leone, Play 31 also works closely with Fambul Tok, a local, community-based organisation. Community members use the safe spaces that Play31 creates as fertile grounds for reconciliation in post-conflict situations.