Gaming for Gender Justice

While women and girls make up an increasingly larger proportion of gamers, online spaces remain places of brutal gender-based harassment and abuse.

The esports and gaming industry is dominated by men, with marginal female access, involvement, and opportunities at its highest levels. Gaming and esports are powerful tools to challenge gender norms and stereotypes, regain ownership of digital spaces, and fight for gender equity within virtual and physical communities. The rise in women and girls in esports and gaming must be met with an environment that empowers and welcomes them.

Gaming and esports are powerful tools to challenge gender norms and stereotypes.

On the 10th of June 2021, Women Win invited gender champions in the gaming and esports ecosystem to participate in the first of a series of three Gaming and Gender Justice Salons, conversations to advance gender justice and digital inclusion for women and girls.

The objectives of these salons are:

  • Share perspectives and experiences around how gaming and esports can be leveraged to fight for gender justice and digital inclusion within virtual and physical spaces.
  • Drive forward a sustained cross-sector movement that reimagines and transforms gaming and esports for women and girls
  • Create professional networks of like-minded champions within the esports and gaming ecosystem

If you are interested in knowing what happened during this interesting conversation, and what a more gender-equitable system could look like in the near future, please read our #1 Gender Justice Salon article