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ROLL Models Winners Announced

Women Win and Skateistan recently launched the ROLL Models programme, aimed at supporting female leadership in skateboarding, promoting gender equity, and inspiring the next generation of girls to be empowered, active and healthy.

During this challenging global crisis caused by Covid-19, Women Win remains, more than ever, strongly committed to protect and empower adolescent girls and young women. That is why we are proud to bring this good news in these tough times.

30 ROLL Models will coach girls (5-18 years-old) to get rolling in Belgium, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands and the UK. Each ROLL Model will participate in a Leadership Development programme, focused on learning how to design and deliver a sports programme for girls, with excellence. Each ROLL Model will also receive a seed grant (up to €3000) to support with transforming her project idea into reality.

ROLL Models Winners

  • Yusra Alageli, UK
  • Ash Baigant, UK
  • Hannah Baumbusch, Germany
  • Patricia Binder, Germany
  • Sae Bosco, Greece
  • Ipek Cahir, Germany
  • Dela Charles, Germany
  • Lina Czerny, Germany
  • Franziska Datz, Germany
  • Gaelle Dubot, Netherlands
  • Amber Edmondson, UK/Greece
  • Negara Faghir, The Netherlands
  • Joana Fongern, Germany
  • Anna Gleißner, Germany
  • Beatriz Gomez de Silva, Germany
  • Maisie King, UK
  • Virginia Kritikaki, Greece
  • Ruby Mateja, Greece
  • Nora Meihardt, Germany
  • Merida Miller, The Netherlands
  • Elye Qias, Belgium
  • Imogen Quick, UK
  • Nanja van Rijsse, The Netherlands
  • Solenne Roger, The Netherlands
  • Sarah Schröder, Germany
  • Catherine Shanks, UK
  • Rachael Sherlock, UK
  • Sille Tødten, Germany
  • María Voth Velasco, Germany
  • Susanne Zimnoch, Germany

About the ROLL Models Programme

The ROLL Models programme is a three-year collaboration by Skateistan and Women Win. Between 2020-2022, the ROLL Models programme will support 75 women leaders in Europe with leadership training and grants totalling €105,000. For more information, see here.