Women Win partners with Puma to promote gender equality in sports

Women Win has signed a long-term agreement with Sports company PUMA to empower girls and women around the world through sports.

Through this partnership, we aim to increase the visibility of female athletes and sports role models and support initiatives that tear down obstacles to girls’ and women’s access to sports.

“At PUMA, we believe everyone who wants to play, should be given the opportunity to play. This is why we are proud to support Women Win and their efforts in helping girls and women exercise their right to play sports,” said PUMA’s Global Director of Brand and Marketing Adam Petrick.

Through projects supported by PUMA, Women Win will impact 5000 girls and women. Furthermore, as a core funding partner, PUMA will contribute towards Women Win reaching another 1 million girls and women by the end of 2023.

It is not the first time PUMA and Women Win have worked together. In 2020, PUMA donated 100,000 euros to the organization as part of its “Forever Tied Together” campaign to support Women Win’s efforts in advancing gender equity from the bottom up.

“Over the coming years, we hope to create a lasting impact for girls and young women in sport together.”

For women and girls, sport is a powerful tool to challenge gender norms and stereotypes, to regain ownership of their bodies, to experience joy, freedom, and pleasure. Giving girls and women access to sports can create opportunities for them to team up, speak out and get active –in sports and in their communities – which in turn can create more equal societies.

“Women Win believes in the power of joined efforts to impact girls and women’s rights globally. It’s thanks to our partnerships that we are able to support local activists and implementing partners to drive the change needed for a future where every woman and girl exercises their rights,” said Maria Bobenrieth, Women Win’s Executive Director.

Women Win was started in 2006 as a global women’s fund dedicated to advancing girls’ and women’s rights through sports. Since then and thanks to our implementing partners, our programs have impacted more than 4 million girls in 100 countries around the world.