Photography and Video Contest

We ask you to focus on the women, girls, and nonbinary folks in your life and show us their world. Your world.  How do you play? Celebrate? Inspire? Work? Relax?
The contest will be open from December 15th 2021 to January 25th 2022, and we can’t wait to see your submissions! Winners will be announced in February.
There are multiple categories across photo and video, with multiple prizes per category. Photographers are allowed to submit to more than one category, up to a total of 5 photographs or videos. Each submission will need one application.
As an organisation, we have not been able to travel the past two years and can only do our best to align with our partners to give girls and women more representation out there
More often than not we see the world through the view of those in power – in every walk of life, women, girls and nonbinary persons are left out of view, out of focus.
That’s why at Women Win we are closing the year celebrating all the girls, women and non-binary people we serve with the launch of a photo and video contest to make their lives more visible in a year in which they have been (again) deeply impacted by Covid.
We want to bring visibility to the invisible and opportunity to the curious.
Categories for both (photography and video)
  • Sport: Girls, women and people of marginalised genders practicing sports
  • Coaches: Girls, women and people of marginalised genders coaching teams and individuals of all genders
  • Workers: Women and people of marginalised genders at work
  • Leadership: Girls, women and people of marginalised genders leading a community
  • Empowerment: Confident and strong girls, women and people of marginalised genders in any context


  • Gold: 250€
  • Silver: 150€
  • Bronze: 100€

We believe in the power of images to fight for the rights of women, girls, and non-binary people. By submitting your images in the photo contest and accepting our terms and conditions,  you give us the right to use these images to support the cause. Women Win reserves the right to use for communication purposes all submitted photos from this contest, and not just the category winners, with full accreditation to the photographer when we showcase the photo. We will not be profiting from these images and photographers will always keep their copyrights. We will be using the images for advocacy purposes.