Catherine Schulter

Catherine first joined Women Win in February 2022 as an intern in the equity and inclusion in sports (EQUIS) team. As such, she was involved in designing and delivering projects on topics such as leadership development and the recruitment of woman coaches. In September 2022, she transitioned into supporting the team’s monitoring, evaluation, learning and research needs.

Catherine’s academic background is broadly situated in the interdisciplinary social sciences with a focus on international development and pedagogy. Through her internship, she discovered her passion at the intersection of sport, gender and development. Her master thesis built on this momentum and explored the potential of grassroots, community-based, woman-led sports programs to develop leadership skills and break down gender barriers.

Playing sports and coaching youngsters has always been a big passion of hers. Specifically, team sports and group classes where people create this highly contagious and radiant collective energy that gets you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to achieve more than you could have ever imagined is what gets her through the day with plenty of positivity and kindness. Besides that, a good cup of coffee, a spontaneous adventure with friends, fresh air (preferably somewhere in the mountains) and lots of sunshine, or a home-cooked meal will always make her smile.