Catherine Schulter

Catherine first joined Women Win’s equity and inclusion in sport (EQUIS) team in 2022. On the one hand, she is involved in designing and delivering projects on topics such as leadership development and the recruitment of woman coaches and girl participants. On the other hand, she guides the development of MELR tools and data collection to capture key learnings of our programmes.

Catherine’s academic background is broadly situated in the interdisciplinary social sciences with a focus on international development and pedagogy. Her master’s thesis was conducted together with Women Win and explored the potential of grassroots, community-based, woman-led sports programmes to develop leadership skills and break down gender barriers.

At work and beyond, Catherine is always on the lookout for adventures – big or small -, connecting with people and creating beautiful collective energy that fills entire rooms with joy, passion and kindness. Things that make her happy: a good cup of coffee, fresh air and nature, the sun and the moon, the smell of freshly baked bread and quality time with friends and family.